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Greenville Dojo 2010 Class Schedule

We are now accepting only adult and teen (13 yrs and older with parental permission) students


Jiu-Jitsu Classes are offered :  

Thursday evenings at 8pm

Most Saturdays at 6:30 am



Young Men's Bible Study is also offered : 

Thursday evenings, at 7:00pm     



Classes are taught by an AJJP Certified Instructor, with over 17 years of martial arts and reality fighting experience.



If you would like more information, please EMail us or come by for a free complementary class.

*Huge enrollment discounts for multiple family members and Law Enforcement Officers.


While every class at the Dojo allows the student to work on his or her needs at the start of class (belt requirements, etc), the training is then focused on a number of different topics. The topics are scheduled so students are mentally and physically prepared for the day’s workout.

These topics are as follows:

Blocking and Striking
The basic level of Jiu-Jitsu techniques are primarily composed of blocking attacks and countering these attacks with strikes. This is your foundation in the art. It develops, speed, focus, targeting and confidence. The classes often involve striking combinations, allowing the Jujutsuka (one who practices Jiu-Jitsu) to flow from strike to strike. We also incorporate the use of targeting pads so our students can learn proper striking.

Locks and Holds
This class emphasizes the use of arm bars (gatame) and chokes (jime) to control attacker. Locks and holds allow the student to vary the level to response to a situation. These can be used to control and pin, or damage and worse.

Street Survival
Learning to defend against stick-type weapons (most commonly used street weapon, whether it be in the form of a club, an umbrella, or a pool cue), knife attacks, and occasionally gun defenses. These are the only weapons we focus on in Jiu-Jitsu because they are the weapons you will encounter in a real life situation.

Pinning and Grappling
This class focuses on the in-fighting aspect to self defense. This includes wrist pins which utilize superior anatomic knowledge to apply pain to the attacker’s wrist(s) to control, subdue, or even finish an adverse situation. Also ground fighting techniques are practiced. While many schools emphasize the use of grappling for tournament use, this class emphasizes proper form while ground fighting and the self defense reality aspect of grappling, as it would be used in a real life situation. There are sport grappling classes (for competition) run at the dojo at a different time.

Ippons and Throws
Ippons are “one step movements”. These are traditional techniques that end with some type of throw and finish off. There are many series of ippons throughout the A.J.J belt list (Basic, Grappling, Nidan, ect). These classes also focus on traditional fulcrum throws, such as O’Goshi, non-fulcrum throws, such as Irimi-nage, and modern throwing techniques. These classes do not require the students to fall until they have been properly trained to do so. The emphasis of this class is proper positioning (body kinetics and kuzushi (off balancing)).

Self Defense
Everything we teach in JiuJitsu revolves around self defense. This class gives the instructor an opportunity to run a dynamic training session, involving all aspects of Jiu Jitsu. Often times, this class focuses on the uke (one who receives technique) grabbing the (tori (one who applies technique) in some way, eg wrist grab, choke hold, etc. The student (tori) learns to escape, counter, or even avoid the danger of the situation.



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